About and Contact


I’m Chris Jones, and I’m the author of all content on this site.

I provide freelance engineering consultancy, specialising in embedded software, electronics, manufacturing and troubleshooting. I operate two businesses: Martin-Jones Technology Ltd in Cambridge, UK and Christopher Martin Jones Technology in Warsaw, Poland.




from UK +44 (0)1223 655611
from Poland +48 22 300 8260
(both numbers will get me wherever I am – call whichever is most convenient for you)

Business addresses


This is the company’s registered address only. Please do not send correspondence or packages there without contacting me first.

Martin-Jones Technology Ltd
Warwick House
Ermine Business Park
Spitfire Close
PE29 6XY

Company registration number 04999986
VAT GB 901 9703 37


Christopher Martin Jones Technology
Fabryka i3
Marynarska 11
02-674 Warszawa

REGON 147141637
NIP 521 366 7860

2 thoughts on “About and Contact

  1. Richard Klingler

    Hello Martin

    I stumpled upon your page when I was looking for information regarding the HP 16500A und 16500B models as I have both of them…

    Also read somewhere in a Yahoo group that the 16500B CPU board can be installed onto a 16500A chassis, as apparently the backplane is the same…just video signals and HIL needs rewiring…

    Do you have any more infos on the connection internals?


    1. martinjonestechnology Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your message. I did look in to this and the conversion wouldn’t be too complicated. If I remember rightly, the video connector on the 16500A motherboard is a 40-way IDC connector which directly matches the one on the Sony monitor chassis. On the 16500B it’s a 10-way IDC connector. I did make a cable adapting between them and it worked. I can’t remember about the HIL connections, though. Aren’t they on the backplane? Anyhow, I no longer own a 16500A mainframe so I can’t compare them any more.



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