Lithium Battery Packaging Overkill

I’ve just received a package of electronic components from RS. The package looked like this (after I’d opened it!):

DSC_0624Ooh! That looks dangerous, especially when you read the label:

DSC_0625So I handled it with care and didn’t set fire to it. Opening it with some trepidation I extracted, carefully, the batteries. They were protected securely inside a pink paper bag. I don’t know if being pink made any difference, though.

DSC_0627Gasp! Three of them! Each nearly half an inch in diameter. I was lucky to get away without serious injury. Imagine the carnage if somehow the parcel had been damaged in transit. There might have been a serious litter hazard as the little plastic bags blew away in the wind.

How does this make any sense? I could probably eat these three batteries without any ill effects. The regulations for shipping batteries have gone mad, which is a pain for those of us who have to work with them.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, they were the wrong sort. I didn’t read the description properly when I ordered them, and I wanted the ones without pins on.




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