Tektronix 549 Storage Oscilloscope, Restored

A couple of years ago, I restored this exquisite brute of an oscilloscope to working order. You can read the story starting with part 1. I never posted any pictures of the finished article, so here they are.

You can read more about the machinery at the TekWiki.








Switched on and working, with all four traces showing.



I made a short movie of the storage functions working.

2 thoughts on “Tektronix 549 Storage Oscilloscope, Restored

  1. Dave

    Hi wow i love it, i have a similar Tektronix oscilloscope and now I’ve just moved and trying to get workshop sorted,,, I really want to get mine up and running now I’ve seen your photos!! it works a tiny bit!! any chance you could give me some help on it? i love anything with valves but still learning the art!!

    1. martinjonestechnology Post author

      Glad you like it. If you have questions about your scope, fire away – I hope I can help you out! These are magnificent machines and well worth restoring. I have another one, a 535A which I’ve had for more than 20 years, still in active retirement in the office.


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