Raspberry Pi Power Architecture

Embarking on some work with the Raspberry Pi recently, I wanted to know what its power architecture looked like. The schematic diagrams are freely available but a quick web search didn’t reveal any higher-level design documents like this, so I drew my own and here it is.

I offer no guarantees of accuracy. Don’t blame me if you use this documentation and destroy your Raspberry Pi or anything else. This is not an official document. I hope it’s useful to someone.

The original version of this that I posted in April 2013 had a mistake in it, which Kai kindly pointed out. The version below has been corrected.

Raspberry Pi Power Architecture2

There’s a nice shiny pdf of it here: Raspberry Pi Power Architecture

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Power Architecture

  1. Kai

    Thanks for this diagram, it is very informative and has a clear layout! It is very useful!
    However, could it be possible that the input of RG1 is connected to to the output of RG2?


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