Bubble Development Board Ethernet and SD working

I’ve got a couple more features of the Bubble development board working. The Micro SD card needed pullup resistors from its data and command/data lines, then it Just Worked though the card detect function doesn’t do anything yet. While modifying the VHDL to get Ethernet working (see below) I noticed a message that sd_card_detect has been optimised out of the design because it’s not connected to anything. That would explain it. I’ll look at it in a while. I’m not even sure whether the kernel driver supports a card detect line.

Most excitingly, Ethernet works now. I’ve connected its interrupt output to a register in the CPLD and modified the platform code in the kernel to point it at the relevant interrupt, and it works! It gets an address by DHCP and I’ve successfully copied files to and from it by scp. It seems a bit slow, topping out at about 3.5Mbit/s, but the Samosa bus timing is pretty relaxed and could probably be speeded up significantly. I saw one transmit timeout message, too, so maybe something isn’t quite right yet. Oh, and the MDI/MDI-X negotiation still seems a bit unhappy so the link doesn’t come up every time.

I’d also like to wire the ‘link’ output of the W5100 to a GPIO so that the driver can see it and do sensible things when the cable gets plugged in and unplugged.

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